Wren Coleman is a nonbinary transmasculine dance artist and educator from Hatboro, Pennsylvania. His main goal to make those that he interacts with feel supported and encouraged. By using Piaget’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, they approach every new student with an open mind and creative solutions that help young dancers achieve their goals of feeling comfortable and expressing themselves onstage. He finds importance in connection, support, and humor in learning the language of dance. Being trained by and performing with educators such as Kun Yang-Lin, Timothy Early, and Dara Meredith, they have learned the importance of connection between peers within a classroom and strong foundational technique. When creating his own pieces of choreography, Wren is inspired by the freeing and stamina-driven nature of Paul Taylor and other postmodern techniques. He uses a combination of athletic, acrobatic techniques alongside minimalistic gestural movements and poignant formations/travelling patterns to draw the audience into the story behind the piece. They offer the unique experience of witnessing human interaction on stage, not played up or over dramatized, but the intimacy of observing true connection between humans.