Studio Policies

Code of Conduct


Students learn better in a secure, orderly and non-disruptive environment. The goal of CORE’s Student’s Code of Conduct is to help students and teachers create an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. At CORE, clear and reasonable rules are fairly and consistently implemented. A safe and positive learning environment for students and adults is essential to our success and we appreciate your commitment to these principles. We trust each faculty member and rely upon their eyes and ears as authority in the classroom.  We will enforce appropriately with the behavior that is presented to us in class or rehearsal time. Each teacher reserves the right to create specific classroom rules which can and will be enforced by the administrators.


  • Dancers are expected to attend classes regularly. If you need to miss a class please communicate this with your instructor and try to meet up with a fellow classmate, when appropriate, to go through any missed material.

  • Dancers are expected to arrive to class on time. Warm-up is done at the start of every class and it is imperative that all dancers participate in warm-up to ensure that their body is ready for physical activity and movement.

  • Dancers should make every effort to come in Dress Code to each and every class in order to positively influence the body’s rhythm and movement in class without restrictions.

  • Dancers are encouraged to establish new friendships with others in their class. Teamwork is very important and dancers are expected to treat each other with kindness and respect in and out of the studio.

  • Dancers are expected to focus and pay attention to direction from instructors and keep talking to a minimum. If a dancer is observing a class, they are expected to be quiet and not disrupt the class in session.

  • Dancers understand that there is a zero tolerance behavior policy at CORE. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be removed from the class and parents will be involved.

  • Dancers must be considerate of and treat the studio and its premises, as well as the possessions of other dancers and teachers, with respect and due care. Dancers are expected to clean up any messes and pick up items left behind while at the studio.

  • Dancers should review material and practice at home on a regular basis between classes and during breaks.

  • Dancers and families are expected to be up to date and informed on studio happenings or performances. Paper notices will be handed out and will always be available online at the website, social media sites and in our lobbies.

  • CORE advises against students leaving the studio without adult supervision after classes. Students are asked to use the waiting room if they are waiting between classes or for their ride home.



  • We request adequate notification for withdrawal from lessons, 4+ weeks.

  • No withdrawals accepted after tuition is processed on April 1st. May and June tuition will be charged as scheduled.

  • All unprocessed checks, dated after the one month notice period, will be returned.

  • All automatic debiting or credit card charges will stop after withdrawal notice.

  • We do not issue refunds for credit cards once process is complete.


  • The school reserves the right to have students who come more than 10 minutes late to class, sit out. A minimum attendance level of 80% is required. Illness and family emergency will be taken into account. Students who miss excessive classes in April and May may be removed from the Spring Dance Concert at the Director’s discretion.


  • It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all school activities, such as observation days, recitals, extra classes, and dates the school is open or closed. The school will post all such notices on the lobby bulletin board as well as send notices home with the students and post such information on the web site. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check these sources to insure they are informed. Please inform the office of any changes in address, account, or phone number.


  • Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after class time.

  • Policies and Safety Disclaimer: By registering your student with CORE Academy of Movement, LLC, all Parents, Guardians and Students understand and expressly assume all risks involved in connection with dance instruction, rehearsal, and training at CORE Academy of Movement, LLC. (“CORE”), including but not limited to risk of bodily injury occurring as a result of contact with other students, instructors, walls, equipment, floors, and other objects located in or near dance studios, or the Student’s physical condition or physical limitations, and the student warrants that they are physically fit and able to participate in all activities involved in dance instruction, rehearsal, and performance and assume the risk of such.

  • By registering your student with CORE, all Parents, Guardians and Students understand the school policies and regulations regarding tuition payments, scheduling, performance guidelines and day to day management.

  • Failure to abide by these policies which are in place to protect the safety of your student, allows us to remove your student from said activities.


  • The studio will record a voice mail announcement concerning closings for inclement weather by 2pm. Please call the main office at 856-778-5955

  • If we are forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to weather cancellations, hurricanes, epidemics, states of emergency, etc.), we will make every effort to make-up classes. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of Mother Nature or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Class cancellations do not affect your monthly tuition.

  • If the State of New Jersey issues an emergency closure, we will immediately transition to Zoom and continue until we can safely reopen.