Early Childhood Classes

Young Ballet Class

At CORE, we believe that our Early Childhood classes deserve the utmost care. We choose faculty who concentrate their dance education studies in early childhood development; both physical and mental. Our well-balanced classes address the “whole child”. It is the combination of this understanding that makes for a HAPPY, successful student in our dance studio and in life! Most importantly, WE HAVE FUN!

Ages 3-4 years - Intro to Ballet:

  • Our Intro to Ballet classes meet 45 minutes per week. We begin our classes with an attention to the individual’s sense of self, encouraging them to introduce themselves and feel connected to their teachers and classmates! The dancers are led through a series of stretches, movement stories and sequences and various ballet activities. With movement using creative props and materials, the dancers develop motor coordination as they run, leap, stretch and move to the music!


Ages 4-6 years - Tap and Ballet:

  • The fun combo of Tap and Ballet fundamentals helps to improve coordination and promote quick thinking, discipline and self-confidence. It’s our goal to learn the basics properly from the very beginning! We strive to give the best possible dance experience in a fun and healthy environment while providing an ever growing box of dance “tools” that your child will carry throughout their dance life!