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Bernai Brown Holman


Bernai is a healthy lifestyle and nutrition coach.  Her life purpose is to help women overcome obstacles in order to become stronger and healthier so they can live out their God-given dreams.  She is a proud mother of two girls and one boy, a loving wife, and a former elementary school teacher.  In order to pursue her passion and develop her and her husband’s company, Go Strong Fitness & Apparel, LLC.  Bernai has studied to become certified as a trainer, weight management specialist, pre and postnatal coach and yoga instructor through the ISSA and Girls Gone Strong. 


Bernai believes in setting reachable goals, eating mindfully (no diet culture), and celebrating the small victories as you aspire to your ultimate milestone.  

Her accomplishments, journey and healthy living message have awarded her features in Philly Fit, Fit & Figures, Eat More to Weigh Less publications and guest appearances on the talk shows, Embracing Life with Renai and Fox News.  Her first book, Strong, Bold & Courageous is available for purchase.  


She’s ready to walk alongside you in your journey to becoming and staying healthy and strong too!