Allyson Lampe


Allyson Lampe, dancer, teacher, choreographer, houses a passion deep within her soul to use dance to influence the world around her. Ms. Ally began her dance training at age three studying various forms, eventually developing her passion for modern. Later in her dance career she began musical theatre training, which she continued throughout college. Ms. Ally is a graduate of West Chester University where she studied Elementary Education and Dance Pedagogy.   Ms. Ally served as Vice President, student choreographer, and dancer with West Chester’s University Dance Company. Her choreography was awarded “Most Creative” as she was the first in the program to use dance to raise awareness of social injustice issues around the world. She has traveled to the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Morocco to participate in various non-profit dance projects. Her most recent adventure took place in India. While in India, Ms. Ally studied different forms of traditional Indian Dance and Yoga. She loves to use movement as a universal language to build bridges between people both similar and different.


Ms. Ally loves to say “Dance is a tool we use to tell a story, and I cannot wait to tell yours!”